Kickstarting our first team project by cloning the User Interface of an amazing Crowfunding Website “”

It’s always exciting the first time you create something which looks practical and real. Especially in coding.

Mini-projects are a good way to practice the web -development skills we learn in theory especially if you try to clone some pages of websites which are already quite famous that’s why we chose “”

Our team name is ‘Hydrogen’ which consists of 3 team members:

  • Nitansh Rastogi
  • Arshad Ali
  • Sohail Shaik Homepage (Our Cloned Version)

We implemented the following pages of the website:

  • Homepage
  • ‘Start a project’ Page
  • Newsletter Page
  • Helpcenter Page
  • Login Page
  • and, 8 Category Pages (Only top section dynamically using JavaScript)
  1. Homepage:


  • Responsive
  • Implemented Pagination Using JavaScript
  • Implemented Slideshow for articles list

2. ‘Start a project’ Page: With embedded youtube video.

‘Start a project’ after cloning

3. Newsletter Page:

Newsletter Page

4. Helpcenter Page:

Helpcenter Page

5. Login Page:

Login Page

6. Category Pages:

In these pages we have created only the top section of the page dynamically using Javascript.

Header of the page is getting shown based on the user URL ,we are using URL to get the page user is on and then showing the content based on that.

Technologies Used:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

Challenges Faced:

  • We work remotely on this project and that was a challenge as none of us has worked remotely before.
  • Coding Style: Understanding coding style of other team member was a challenge although we set some rules before starting the project but with practice and time we got comfortable with each others coding style.

Hope you liked the user interface, there is always room for improvement and we sure will improve this project further.



Full Stack Web Developer

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